2018 - Exhibition "TEMPS DE FLORS", Girona

"It is time to look with other eyes to the Earth"
On the occasion of the 63rd edition of the Girona Temps de Flors, from May 21 to 20, 2018, Duván López, presents his project entitled “Ecosystem” at the Jardins d'Alemany.

The installation revolves around the concept of an ecosystem, which shows the Avatar "Concientizarte", which represents the evolution of man and his symbiosis with the environment; Man as part of the ecosystem. There are mobile sculptures installed that reproduce dancers and flowers, located in the open spaces of the walls and hanging between the trees; symbolize for Duván "The joy of life"
The installation includes a space as a tribute to Gabriel García Márquez with yellow butterflies and a sculpture courtesy of Anna Gutiérrez, a Colombian artist based in Sant Feliu de Guixols.

Finally, the sculpture “El Cel i la Terra es fan un petó en l’Home” will be placed on the garden stage. 1-meter high methacrylate sculpture.
Colombia was one of the first countries to participate in the Temps de Flors events in Girona.

With this installation, we want to reaffirm Colombia's commitment to the environment and the effort made to preserve it.