Art Critics

“Duván’s oeuvre is not an oeuvre conceived through ingenuity only; it is touched by the spark of genius that very few artists are granted.”
Jaume Fábrega, art critic, Spain.


“Duván is one of the few Colombian artists who will not only become part of the history of painting but will be part of painting itself, with Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar and Luis Caballero”
Harold Alvarado Tenorio, Colombian poet.


“Since Picasso’s, I have not seen painting like Duván’s.”
Marlenne Hoffman, artist and gallerist, Colombia.


 “Duván is an artist with a scientific consciousness”
Maestro Gil Tovar,Colombian art critic.


“Duván is for Colombia what Tamayo is for Mexico.”
Pepa Pombo, Colombian designer.

“For this renowned Colombian artist, color is the proof of his maturity in composition.”
Marién Rovalo. Art Historian, Barcelona.