2019 - Exhibition "Signos y Símbolos" Museo MAQUI

The "Signos y Símbolos" ("Signs and Symbols") exhibition consists of 32 digital prints.

The exhibition was presented with great success at the Carcova Museum in Buenos Aires in 2018.

Also exhibited at the Rectorate of UNA (National University of the Arts, Buenos Aires) and is currently installed at the MAQUI Museum (Museum of Art of Armenia and Quindío, Colombia)

Duván text:

The necessary updating of the language has led me to investigate the iconography before what we know as the History of Western art, this work is based on what could be called archetypes because in its simplicity, try to access the deep and collective memory human being.

The impossibility of answering the basic and universal questions, which have accompanied us in the evolution of our species, remains in force, and like the first human who was aware of himself, I wonder about life, death, why?, what for? and above all about God.

Without trying to give answers I try to open paths, creating new images that update the eternal permanence of the question.

Art is not the truth, but it makes us dream that we can find it.

Duván, 2018

Here you can see the Signs and Symbols series


The installation consists of 32 digital engravings.

The originals have been made with Adobe Draw software, obtaining vector files.

The works have been printed with a flat machine for Giclèe digital printing, on Canson Fine Arte Arches Aquarelle 240gm paper. HD Epson pigmented inks have been used.

Print size 45x45cm

The edition consists of 25 copies + 2 PA