2019 - Biennale GimHae, South Korea

Biennale GimHae, South Korea

11.10 - 3.11.2019


Installation of rotating paintings

First prize Biennale

Duván recived the ARTIST AWARD GBAF 2019

“Calidoscopios” Kaleidoscopes

Art as a tool for personal knowledge and mental health

Kaleidoscopes is a painting project from the studies of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud on archetypal images.

The composition of the works is presented as a rotational movement that pushes us to a multivision of the painting based on cross or spiral compositions. It is a holistic painting.

By spinning the frames, we force our brain to build multiple puzzles from faces and fragments such as eyes, hands, lips, objects such as a hat, a shoe, a flower or animals such as a horse or a bird.

I invite you to rotate the painting and build your own world and your stories.