Duvan López is a Colombian painter, sculptor, and poet. His work includes drawing, painting, sculpture and digital art.

He has a style that refers to constructivism and organic forms, geometry and primitivism, fiction and life.

He is a connoisseur of art history and uses traditional painting techniques. In his works, color and form merge to communicate questions and suggestive situations that attempt to penetrate the mystery of the human.

Duván's digital art moves towards a new figuration and abstraction, searching for synthesis. The work moves from the minimalism of his ink drawings to the appropriation of modern graphics, to which he gives a new meaning.

As a whole, his work seeks light and transcendence with a particular language to create a pictorial discourse of great actuality. His search is to unite the aesthetic with the ethical, based on the premise that art is a generator of humanity.

Art Trajectory

He began his artistic activity in Colombia, and since 1993 he has undertaken a period of travels that led him to exhibit in New York, Paris, and Barcelona, where he took up residence in 1998.

In 2008 he set up his studio in Besalú, a medieval village in Girona.
2009 promotes the MAQUI (Museo de Arte de Armenia y del Quindío) in Colombia with a donation of 50 works, which increases annually.
2012 published his first book, "Una mirada que incide" with his poems inspired by the natural parks of Colombia.
2016, makes a permanent artistic intervention in the Chapel of Sant Martí de Capellada, Besalú (sXII), Spain, currently without worship, creating a space for reflection, a secular chapel. The Chapel holds a classical music festival and cultural events every year.
2017 The Schengen Peace Foundation selects its sculpture "Peace Chair" as its new emblem for the Luxembourg Peace Prize awarded annually at the historic seat of the European Parliament in Luxembourg.
2017 the Sala Duván, a small museum hall,  opened in his hometown Quimbaya, Colombia.
2019 gets the "Artist Award 2019" at the GBAF 2019 "Gimhae Biennale International Art Festival," Korea, for his work "Kaleidoscopes."
Duván is a member of the "Real Cercle Artístic de Barcelona".

Art is a builder of Humanity.

By asking ourselves questions and searching for answers, we become human.
Art aims to investigate the evolution of the spirit and the contributions of each epoch to this process.
The main characteristic of my work is the desire to formulate questions and open paths to new questions that allow us to understand who we are? and why we are here?
I intend to unite the ancient Platonic premise of "The good, the beautiful, and the useful" in my work, considering art is a path to knowledge and transcendence.
Ethics and Aesthetics together build civilization.

Duvan, 2021