Duván was born in Quimabaya, Quindío, Colombia, in 1954

From 1998 to 2008 has a studio in his home in Barcelona.

After 2008, Duván sets his home-studio in Besalú, outside Barcelona.

In 2009, he promotes MAQUI, Museum of Art for Armenia and Quindío where he donates and exhibits his work of the last 25 years.

His first art book with poems, inspired by his travels through Colombia’s natural parks and reserves, is edited and published in 2012.

In 2016, he is invited to do a permanent artistic intervention in the Chapel of Sant Martí de Capellada, Besalú (sXII), currently without worship, creating a space for reflection, a laic chapel, where every year a festival of classical music and cultural events is scheduled.

The Schengen Peace Foundation in 2017 selects the sculpture "Chair for Peace" as its new face of the Luxembourg Peace Prize, awards that are held annually at the historic headquarters of the European Parliament in Luxembourg.

In 2019 he is awarded, by Congressman Juan David Vélez, through the ‘Colombianos Estrella’ Program,

Duván is member of the “Real Cercle Artistic” of Barcelona


Art is a builder of Humanity.

By asking ourselves questions and searching for answers, we become human.
Art aims to investigate the evolution of the spirit and the contributions of each epoch to this process.
The main characteristic of my work is the desire to formulate questions and open paths to new questions that allow us to understand who we are? and why we are here?
I intend to unite the ancient Platonic premise of "The good, the beautiful, and the useful" in my work, considering art is a path to knowledge and transcendence.
Ethics and Aesthetics together build civilization.


Duvan, 2021