2020 - Virtual Exhibition "El Taller - The Workshop"

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We present you the works of the Virtual exhibition of Duván.

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The Workshop Series

"Traditionally, painting has been characterized by the subordination of the stain to the line or, conversely, from the line to the stain.

In the collection of drawings and paintings in the series "El Taller". each of them maintains its independence from the other and together they generate content; the freedom of the game turned into labor manages to create a plastic language where form and background interact offering many variants that enrich the work.

Soft and light, but not trivial, these works delight me in the same way that a healthy Orange juice does."

Duvan 2020

Art Critic Jaume Fabregas speaks about Duvan's artworks

Paintings Series

Painted during 2020, with mixed media, acrylic and oil on linen-canvas.

The sizes are 40x40cm, 100x100cm and 130x130cm

Scenes of the Painter with his model, working with canvases or with his iPad!

Series Drawings

Made in 2020. Ink and gouache with red watercolor details on Canson 300gm paper

The sizes are 30x42cm

Scenes of the Painter with his model in the workshop